Colorado's own organic coconut coir soil company


Welcome to COCORADO – Colorado’s finest coconut coir-based, organic potting soil company. We carefully blend the highest quality organic ingredients from the best sources, while remaining cost effective for you!

Our OMRI-listed coconut coir from India has been washed and rained on for two years, giving it an incredibly low EC. At our location in Erie, Colorado we then fluff the coco coir with filtered, natural Colorado water with an EC of 0.0. Our coco is blended with 100% organic plant-based compost, perlite, earthworm castings, kelp meal, rock phosphate, Azomite, glacial rock dust, oyster shell, and AG #65 dolomite lime.

After all the ingredients are combined, the mix is inoculated with a mychorrizae-rich compost tea and aged to perfection. Here at Cocorado we call this carefully-blended masterpiece, Symbiosis—a high porosity semi-inert blend that covers all secondary and micro nutrients. Now, if you’re looking for a lesser amended medium, try our Clarity blend. Clarity contains the same OMRI listed coconut coir, 100% organic plant-based compost, perlite, oyster shell, and a mychorrizae inoculant.

Our soil blends, Symbiosis and Clarity, contain very little to no nitrogen or phosphorous. This is because we believe that a young plant simply doesn’t require the same nutrients that a mature plant does. The farmer may decide when, how, and the dosage to apply those two primary nutrients. Cocorado’s objective is to provide a medium that is perfect for all stages—sensitive clones and seedlings through mature flowers and fruits.

With that being said, Cocorado is more than happy to mix extra amendments to either blend at proper proportions for an extra charge. These include; organic composted cow and chicken manures, bio char, and coming soon Alaskan forest humus—for a richer, biologically-complex soil food web.

Cocorado prioritizes sourcing the finest and purest ingredients at the top! We keep our customers in mind, finding the lowest priced products possible, passing the savings on! Our key philosophy at Cocorado is to provide the customer with the best soil money can buy at the most competitive prices in Colorado.



Call today (720)432-8497 to schedule a visit at our location in Erie, Colorado – Just 25 miles north of Denver off of Highway I25!! 

Our helpful staff will load up the back of your pickup truck with a few yards. Or for those larger cultivators—we can arrange a dump truck. Walking floor trailers are also available. We serve any size garden and will do so with a smile and swiftness because we know how important good customer service is. We truly appreciate the opportunity to do business with each and every one of you.