Biochar: A Must-Have for Optimal Production

Want to maximize your soil’s fertility? Want to reap yields you couldn’t imagine possible? Biochar is the secret. This is no ordinary charcoal. Our high-quality, environmentally friendly selection of biochar products are OMRI certified, TSCA Listed, and USDA Bio-preferred and benefit indoor and outdoor growers alike. Ready to see the difference?

The Magic of “Black Carbon”

Biochar is the magic ingredient for vigorous, substantial plant growth. This durable addition to your soil holds in the root zone and results in abundant yields of healthy plants.

Here are just some of the countless benefits biochar provides:

  • It retains nutrients by limiting runoff and erosion, providing ultimate fertility.
  • It enhances the microbiological activity in your soil.
  • It increases yields of vigorous, hardy plants.
  • It retains water, helping to develop strong root systems.

Whether you utilize chips, particles, or powder biochar in your soil, the evidence of its effectiveness will be evident in the first season. A study performed by Christoph Steiner at the University of Bayreuth showed that the addition of biochar yielded a remarkable 880% improvement over beds grown only with either compost or fertilizers.

Biochar Benefits You

Imagine robust, hardy plants towering above the soil. Imagine the capability of root systems so full and dense they look like fibrous masses of promise. Biochar can help you experience this in your own growing operation. Biochar’s limitless benefits save you money and supply you more abundant, healthier yields, netting you greater profits and production.

Biochar Benefits Earth

Biochar possesses the incredible capacity to create a carbon-negative bioenergy system. This means that it removes more carbon from the atmosphere than it gives off. Furthermore, biochar is made from waste materials such as beetle kill pine and slash through a process called pyrolisis—the decomposition of organic material at high temperatures without oxygen. This efficient, energy- and environmentally friendly process produces a durable product that will enrich your soil for years to come.


Don’t settle for less than amazing results. Biochar is a must-have complement to your growing operation.

Cocorado is the Front Range’s premier source for organic potting soil, coconut coir, and biochar. Our passionate soil experts are ready to help you transform your growing and gardening operations into out-of-this-world successful ventures. Raise your results to the next level. Call us today or stop by our convenient location in Erie, Colorado, to check out our extensive line of products.