After 15 years of experimenting with different soil mixes in northern California, Southern California, Southern Colorado and the Front Range—indoor and outdoor, we have done it! A group of four friends, have come together to create Cocorado and the two expertly crafted soil blends we sell today! Between the four of us, totals a combined experience of over 40 years of growing high value plants.

Meet our team:

Our staff consists of Kyle DaCorte, our hands-on Vice President of Operations and expert master grower. Next, Patrick King who graduated at the top of his class from University of Colorado, Denver is Vice President of Sales. Thirdly, Horticulturalist Susie Lane, who graduated at the top of her class from Colorado State University and is very knowledgeable in soil science.

Finally, President Sam Hazelip is knowledgeable on greenhouse growing, and large scale outdoor cultivating. He takes part in farming over one hundred acres of Southern Californian avocados along with a large olive ranch in Northern California. After moving back to Colorado, he saw the pricing and quality of soil being produced here. Needless to say he was rather frustrated and believed that Cocorado could, and would do it better. At a better price, too!

Last but not least, what is most unique about Cocorado is how we built it. On the love for plants, friends, music, dogs, and life! Not just the almighty dollar—this reflects in our actions and our outstanding products.

“A good grower can make plants grow; a great grower can make them sing.”

That is what we do here at Cocorado; give you the best possible chance to make your plants sing! That way you will be singing all the way to the bank. We hope to meet all you friendly growers and wholesalers very soon!

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