We are an organic soil producer located in Moffat, Southwestern Colorado. Our facility incorporates both indoor and outdoor areas for year-round production. We use fluffed, OMRI-listed, coconut coir (coco) as the basis for our soil, which provides optimum soil density yielding healthy and robust roots.

Using coco as the base of our blends maximizes water retention, improves aeration and encourages deep root growth. Our coco is sourced carefully to ensure low to no electrical conductivity (EC) and a neutral pH. We fluff our coco with filtered Colorado water to ensure the cleanest base for your growth medium.

Our soils are blended with high-quality, organic ingredients to give seedlings, young plants, and mature plants optimal growth media.  Call us to learn more about our pre-formulated soil blends as well as custom-blend availability to meet your specific needs.  All products are available as loose, bulk yards, super-sacks, and cubic foot bags.

(720) 432-8497

18028 County Road 59, Moffat, Colorado 81143